**UPDATED** COVID-19 BSTI Reporting templates and Codes

***Update 22.05.2020***

BSTI Covid-19 followup CT and CXR report codes

As you are probably aware, on 11th May 2020 the British Thoracic Society produced guidance on the Respiratory Follow Up of Patients with a Clinico-Radiological Diagnosis of COVID-19 Pneumonia.

A subset of patients undergoing follow-up will require imaging. We would encourage all radiology departments to engage actively with respiratory and infectious diseases colleagues to ensure the standardisation of workflows and reporting for such follow-up.

To assist with standardisation of reporting, we are issuing the following coding for follow-up reports, in addition to our previously issued baseline templates.

Follow up reporting codes

Follow up CXR codes:

Follow up CT codes:


Baseline templates

Baseline CXR proforma:

Baseline CT proforma:


ICU proforma

BSTI COVID-19 collected resources: https://www.bsti.org.uk/covid-19-resources/